Friday, April 26, 2019

About us

Politics Today aspires to highlight problems, issues and viewpoints of the Politics as well as other marginalised sections of the society. It aims to work as a mirror where the true face of politics can be seen. It will give voice to the voiceless, irrespective of their caste, color, language and religion.

Our Policy

Politics Today will not take side of any party, community or caste. ‘Justice’ and ‘truth’ will be its guiding principles. It will highlight injustice, violation of rights and laws, and also the progress and development of communities.

Politics Today will not give space to hatred, bias or any activity that is not in the interest of the country and the community. It will work for the promotion of peace, communal harmony, brotherhood and overall development in the society.

Our election series ‘The Road to 2019′ will keep track of the people who plan to represent us. It will also highlight the kind of work our politicians are doing for their respective constituencies, and their vision for the country.

And very soon we will be launching a monthly journal. Registration is under way.

We looking forward to some positive and constructive support from all quarters to run the venture.

If you have a story or an idea to share please write to us at We don’t pay for the articles but give you a platform to make a difference.

We also look forward to regular contributors joining us in this initiative.

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